Change log

The change log of the project enumerates all the changes (issues) that have been applied to the project since its inception up to the latest release and can be used, for instance, to verify when a certain defect has been fixed or when a certain new feature has been implemented.

Each issue can be:

  •   a defect, which means an undesired behaviour of the system;
  •   a request for enhancement, which means a new feature of the system;
  •   an improvement, which means a better way of performing an existing feature.

All issues are assigned with a priority that can be:

  • blocker, when the related problem prevents the system from being used (at least for some essential features) and that can't be worked around;
  • critical, when the related problem prevents a non-essential feature from being used, or an essential feature that can be temporarily fixed with a work around;
  • major, when there is a relevant problem or new feature (this is the default priority);
  • minor, when there is a problem or a new feature with a minor impact on the system;
  • trivial, when there is a negligible problem or new feature (such as a typo correction).

By clicking on the issue code you can navigate to the official issue tracker, where comments and further information are available, and where you can file your own defect report or requests for enhancements (that's the preferred way to communicate with us).

You might be interested as well to the list of known defects or the list of existing requests for enhancements.



  • [MST-156] JPEG metadata no more read with JRE 1.7.0_60


  • [MST-155] Add support for extracting embedded XMP metadata
  • [MST-154] Upgrade Drew's Metadata Extractor to 2.5.0 RC 3


  • [MST-153] Cannot read IPTC data from certain JPEG files
  • [MST-152] REGRESSION: Can't read any EditableImage
  • [MST-151] Use the new groupId org.imajine.image
  • [MST-150] Use the new packages org.imajine.image.*


  • [MST-148] ConvertColorProfile doesn't support hints
  • [MST-147] There are singletons around
  • [MST-146] Drop the NBM uber artifact and export as NBM every single module
  • [MST-145] Drop IJ plugin

  • [MST-132] CaptureOp
  • [MST-80] INTERFACE CHANGE in DrawOp.Executor.draw()
  • [MST-79] INTERFACE CHANGE in CreateFunctionOp
  • [MST-78] IMPL CHANGE: OperationImplementation.execute()


  • [MST-59] API CHANGE for MouseWheelZoomingController and MouseClickZoomingController
  • [MST-54] Non-core operations have been moved to the new Operations module


  • [MST-49] Add a quick README that explains how to run the examples from the command line
  • [MST-48] The distribuzion .zips don't contain the package name
  • [MST-36] Added the EditingTool
  • [MST-34] Added the MouseWheelZoomingController
  • [MST-27] Split into subprojects


  • [MST-24] Now it is possible to control the quality for the image renderer.


  • [MST-23] RotateOp with J2D and not-optimized EditableImage is faster on Mac OS X
  • [MST-20] OptimizeOp for J2D is faster, specially on Linux
  • [MST-17] ScaleOp with J2D and non-optimized EditableImage is very slow on Mac OS X
  • [MST-13] The EditableImageRenderer can now rotate images
  • [MST-11] Unneeded dependencies on JAI in the source code