Known defects

This document enumerates the known defects that affect the latest release of the product. They are assigned with a priority that can be:

  • blocker, when the related problem prevents the system from being used (at least for some essential features) and that can't be worked around;
  • critical, when the related problem prevents a non-essential feature from being used, or an essential feature that can be temporarily fixed with a work around;
  • major, when there is a relevant problem or new feature (this is the default priority);
  • minor, when there is a problem or a new feature with a minor impact on the system;
  • trivial, when there is a negligible problem or new feature (such as a typo correction).

By clicking on the issue code you can navigate to the official issue tracker, where comments and further information are available, and where you can file your own defect report or requests for enhancements (that's the preferred way to communicate with us).

You might be interested as well to theĀ list of existing requests for enhancements.

  • [MST-140] when saving modified fax images, resolution informations are lost
  • [MST-129] Tooltips are not always rendered
  • [MST-103] ChangeFormatOp with JAI, from FLOAT to SHORT, looses the color profile
  • [MST-92] Some users can't start the JavaWebStart demo
  • [MST-69] the "BEST" scale quality doesn't work on Windows and Linux
  • [MST-67] With setScaleQuality(Quality.BEST) the high quality rendering after a zoom comes after a sensible delay
  • [MST-66] setScaledImageCachingEnabled(true) disables the scaleQuality = BEST setting
  • [MST-50] REGRESSION: deserialization test fails
  • [MST-43] The icon for dragging/panning should be the closed hand and not the finger
  • [MST-33] WriteOp with JPEG produces wrong colors with 'optimized' images
  • [MST-22] RotateOp with J2D and not-optimized EditableImage is extremely slow on Linux
  • [MST-21] ScaleOp with J2D and not-optimized EditableImage is very slow on Linux
  • [MST-12] Changing scale on the image renderer is very slow on Linux, Windows
  • [MST-9] JPEGs scanned with Nikon Super Coolscan 9000 ED look dark
  • [MST-8] Some JPEG images cannot be read
  • [MST-7] The quality of NEF file is worse than 0.8.6
  • [MST-6] Clarify JAI status on Mac OS X
  • [MST-5] PixelGrouping is available only for Nikon D100
  • [MST-3] .GIF files can't be opened
  • [MST-2] EXIF data for FujiFilm DX-5.jpg is not read correctly